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What's in "broken biscuits"?

This is taken from a bag of broken biscuits bought from the Co-operative Late Store in Sheffield Woodhouse. Unified product code is 5 028637 871485 - the supplier was:

G & J Collins
Elliot Street
OL12 0HF

You have to feel sorry for these guys. They're buying broken or mis-shaped biscuits from major manufacturers and thus have no control over the ingredients - but in line with UK law they have to list them on the outside of the pack. So what they have to list - by law - is ANYTHING that may have been used by any of their contributors:

Wheat flour, vegetable fat, chocolate (14%), whey powder, invert sugar syrup, salt raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), flavouring, chocolate chunks (12%), butter oil, oatmeal flour, fat reduced cocoa powder, soya flour, partially inverted refiners' syrup, dessicated coconut (4.5%), vegetable and hydrogenated vegetable oil, raising agent ammonium bicarbonate, nibbed hazelnuts & roast nibbed hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, molasses, vanilla flavouring, milk chocolate, cocoa solids (25% minimum), milk solids (14% minimum), orange oil, cornflour, colours (E160a, E160e), rolled oats, emulsifier (lecithin), vanillin, glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, glycerol, orange puree, thickener (modified starch), apple powder, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, gelling agent (pectin), wheat starch, colouring (Annato), dextrose monohydrate, raspberry jam (contains gelling agent), carob bean flour, ground dextrose, ground ginger, walnuts, peanuts, rice flour, citrus peel, stem ginger, currants, sultanas, raisins, golden syrup, vermicelli (contains gelling agent), gum arabic, pasteurised whole egg.

I think that takes the biscuit. Good product, BTW - nice selection.

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