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Architectural Level Set 3 Systems

These systems have 64-bit ALS3 capability and are the only ones (apart from Flex-ES emulation systems) that will execute z/OS 1.6 and z/VM 5

System z10
z9 Business Computer z9 Enterprise Computer
System z9
z990 z890
z900 z800

Architectural Level Set 2 Systems

These systems have 31-bit ALS2 capability and will execute MVS up to Release 2.10 and z/OS to Release 1.5 in 31-bit mode.

G6 Turbo G6 Base
G5 Turbo G5
Multiprise 3000

Older Systems

Multiprise 2000 CMOS Generation 3 & 4

There are other sources on the Internet - Payne's Fourth Law ("If it's free on the Internet anywhere, it's free everywhere") applies. Cheryl Watson has a pretty good set of charts, as does Hesh Wiener's TNA. IBM, of course, publishes both LSPR and the definitive list of MSUs by system, which is probably much more use since it defines 75% of the operating costs. There are also some MIPS tables for the old smelly stuff here.

"IBM admits that it measures mainframe performance by reference to MIPS; ..." - IBM's Reply to Amended Counterclaims, District Court for the Southern District of New York, 06 CV 13565, paragraph 52.

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