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F600 JVJ is for sale

I bought F600 JVJ (85-J-900637) in July 1994. At the time, a good friend had just died after a short illness. We'd shared the dream of one day owning an ur-quattro - I couldn't quite get it in time to carry his ashes back from the crematorium.

The story I was told - which I have no reason to doubt - is that the car was one of three bought by a Welsh cattle dealer. I have his name and address. Apparently he bought three - the cattle business isn't that bad. The first one he bought for himself - the second (F600) for his wife, and a third for his son. The son's car didn't survive long (backwards into a wood, apparently) and the first one was destroyed in a farmyard accident. The farmer then started using his wife's car - the V5 I got when I bought it had her name and address on it, but he did the majority of the 88,000 miles it had on it. I put it in my ex-wife's name and transferred it during the divorce - so although it records two previous keepers there really was only one.

It's Satin Black Metallic with Platinum leather unholstery.

When I got it, it had obviously been belted up and down narrow Welsh lanes, because the right hand side of the car was shot-blasted and there were a few minor issues.

I got it sorted out, and then met the usual problems. No one knew anything about it - especially not my local dealers. I tried Autohaus in Wellingborough and Northampton, and Protheroes in Market Harborough to no avail. Then John Coughtrie spotted the car on his way past the house and dropped in a card.

I joined the UK Audi quattro Owners Club - a different organisation in those days with lots of willing helpers - and found out about BR Motorsport. So F600 went there regularly for a long time and, in the process of doing 110k miles, cost me around £18360. See the spreadsheet - the receipts are all in a file about 2" thick that comes with the car. The recorded mileage is around 208k - all of the things that you expect to go wrong during this time have indeed gone wrong at the right times and been properly replaced. This includes the bomb, clutch, hyraulic pump, etc., and I also fitted a BR Motorsport loom with 100/175w bulbs. Martyn Parker was my main mechanic.

I ran it as my daily driver for five years. Lots of amusement, such as when I arrived at the Forum Hotel in Birmingham for a UK CMG committee meeting just behind the chairman in his big BMW. The doorman waved the WMB away with a: "Get that thing out of here" and waved me in.

BR Motorsport became a bit unpredictable - Martyn left them to become a pyrotechnics engineer, a "new" waterpump fitted leaked within a week (it wasn't new) and I started doing my own maintenance on the car, at first alone and then with Roger Galvin. This was when I bought the Audi microfiche and wiring diagrams, and many of the tools like the torque wrench.

I stopped using F600 car regularly in early 1999 when I bought my first Type 44 estate. It went to Ingolstadt on Quattro 2000, though - since then it's been stored in Sheffield, apart from a period of about four months in 2003. The exhaust started to tick again and a wheel bearing was grumbling so I put it on blocks in a friend's garage in June this year and started to work on it in my spare time.

So far:

Work still needed: