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Audi A6 2.5 TDi Engines - Cam Belt Change

Cam belt changes should be carried out every 60,000km (45,000km preferred) or every five years, whichever comes sooner.

In the following discussion, "remove" means "undo, take off the car and store" - "detach" means "undo and leave on the car". "Left" and "right" refer to the direction of travel.

  1. Loosen front wheel bolts
  2. Jack vehicle, place on axle stands
  3. Remove front wheels
  4. Remove 36 screws and front wheel well linings
  5. Remove engine covers
  6. Remove belly pan
  7. Remove fog light surrounds/intercooler grills.
  8. Remove vertical bolts in fog light housing area
  9. Remove the 6x 10mm nuts behind fender liner
  10. Disconnect headlight washer hose
  11. Unplug fog lights
  12. Unplug horns
  13. Remove bumper
  14. Detach bonnet catch cable
  15. Remove ducting to air box
  16. Remove radiator top and side shrouds
  17. Detach intercooler hoses
  18. Remove 6x T30 on top and sides of lock carrier
  19. Unplug condenser electrical connector
  20. Detach power steering oil cooler and swing under the car
  21. Unplug air temperature sensor
  22. Detach condenser and swing down to the side
  23. Detach three connectors by hydraulic reservoir
  24. Remove 7x T45 in impact absorbers and detach lock carrier
  25. Unplug coolant temperature sensor in lower radiator hose
  26. Disconnect upper and lower radiator hose
  27. Unplug headlights
  28. Detach and swing out lock carrier
  29. Remove viscous-coupled fan (2x 32mm open-ended spanners)
  30. Remove serpentine belt covers
  31. Loosen air conditioning pump belt tensioner
  32. Remove air conditioning belt
  33. Hold back serpentine belt tensioner (17mm Allen) and remove serpentine belt
  34. Remove crankshaft harmonic damper
  35. Remove diesel injection pump harmonic damper. DO NOT disturb centre nut
  36. Loosen injector pump drive belt
  37. Remove timing belt cover carrying serpentine belt idlers
  38. Remove the injector pump drive belt
  39. Remove locking cap from rear of right cylinder head - this is usually destructive and the belt kit should contain a replacement
  40. Using a 27mm socket on the crankshaft bolt, turn crankshaft gently by hand until Audi tool VAG 3458 can be slotted into the end of the camshaft
    VAG 3458 camshaft locking plate
  41. Release timing belt tensioner with continuous firm pressure using an Allen driver and insert the locking pin
  42. Remove the plastic cover and its O-ring from the aperture in the sump ca. 30cm back on the left side
  43. Using a 27mm socket on the crankshaft bolt, turn the crankshaft gently to and fro until Audi tool VAG 3242 can be inserted and screwed home
    VAG 3242 crankshaft locking pin
  44. Detach the vacuum pump from the rear of the left cylinder head and insert the other VAG 3458 to lock the second camshaft
  45. Loosen the vernier screws on the front of the left camshaft
  46. Fit new timing belt, idler roller and tensioner
  47. Remove locking pin from new tensioner and allow to tension belt
  48. Fit diesel injection pump locking pin - VAG 3359 (6mm drill bit will do)
    VAG 3359 injector pump locking pin
  49. Loosely fit new diesel injection pump drive belt
  50. Refit timing belt cover carrying serpentine belt idlers
  51. Tension injection pump drive belt using 21mm cut-away socket and Allen key
  52. Tighten vernier bolts on left cam wheel
  53. Refit injection pump harmonic damper
  54. Refit crankshaft harmonic damper
  55. Fit new serpentine belt


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