Ways and types of Audi car tuning

Now, computerized tuning is not easy to find. Partly, because this activity is partly illegal. Lots of brands do not like and do not want unwanted parties to mess with their quality set up ECU systems.

Pros and cons of the Piggyback ECU

Piggyback ECU is very popular to obtain in the world of computer Audi car tuning: the reasons for that are many and that’s exactly why we are here to enlist there.

What is Remapping?

As many already may know ECU or Engine Control Unit is the computer in your car which is responsible for controlling almost all of the functionalities, from the door lock to the emission, it includes dozens of functions, some of which you don’t even know about.

All about ECU Remapping

In this article I’d like to say a few words about the effect of fine Audi car tuning or remapping a car’s abilities using none-else but computer software and programming skills to make your car become better in its current features

All you need to know about today’s Audi tuning

In this article we would like to enlist today’s most widely used IT computerised tuning methods for Audi car tuning. The highly personalised mapping, remapping and tuning can really turn your car into becoming YOUR car with all the features you like and having all consumption highly optimised. Let’s see what the options are for you.

Pros and Cons of Standalone ECU systems

A standalone or aftermarket ECU tuning is the pinnacle of high profile Audi car tuning and it means that one professional IT computer tuner will completely eliminate the car brand’s original ECU and will replace it with a totally new ECU system. This solution is costly, but it has tons of benefits to come with it, along with a few drawbacks. Let’s see these this time:

How IT tuning and traditional tuning works together

When it comes to Audi car tuning most people would thing about traditional tuning as in pimping the outlook and giving the car rocket looking engines. But today’s new generation of tuning works the cars armed with a computer and a good software for doing so. However, this doesn’t mean that we should forget about all the physical aspects of tuning: what we can do is to make sure these are synced together.

What is Ecu Tuning?

When we think about Audi car tuning, then it’s generally something flashy that comes to our mind: pimped up car lights, under lights, wheel lights or some weird stuff we got to see on the Fast and Furious series. What I can say from my own experience, the least what people in general think of when it comes to tuning is that it can be done simply with a laptop armed with a good software. That’s when we learn the first keyword in this article: ECU meaning Engine Control Unit. The rest of this piece will go on about ECU software related information, containing the positives and the capabilities of today’s best ECU software and the literal magic it can do to a car.

op Ten Car Tuning Questions Answered

Audi car Tuning is something that has always been considered cool and now, that you can also use computer software to tune or hack a car’s computer ECU mapping is becoming a real trend and not just among the racing fanatics: but everyday people also would like their vehicles run smoother, all the while the consume less. Let’s see the top ten questions asked and answered on tuning, mapping and the basics what you need to know.