How IT tuning and traditional tuning works together

How IT tuning and traditional tuning works together

When it comes to Audi car tuning most people would thing about traditional tuning as in pimping the outlook and giving the car rocket looking engines. But today’s new generation of tuning works the cars armed with a computer and a good software for doing so. However, this doesn’t mean that we should forget about all the physical aspects of tuning: what we can do is to make sure these are synced together.

There are tons of ways to tune a car: some of this have a direct connection to the engine’s working or capacity while others are helping other aspects of a car. All in all, what’s important to memorize is that if you will do a physical modification, that affects the engine or falls under Ecu system’s control, it must be suited for the car and be in sync with all the rest of the machinery and tools which do the work in your car. Failure of doing an instant tuning after a couple of physical tuning may result the engine or other important tools go wrong within a very short time.

Therefore hereby I include a list of the key tuning modifications which should also involve IT programming skills to be synced with the ECU system.

Every such tuning method, which makes changes to the data that goes into the cars or vehicle’s ECU is considered a factor and therefore the two cannot go without each other.

Traditional tuning techniques that affects ECU include:

These are only some of the most common types of physical tuning methods out there and I’m sure that car aficionados could tell me at least twenty more. But I feel it’s a good start to understand the point.

Each brand of car have their very own functions, ECU systems, coding and attributes. In the world of tuning, there are several lists of easy to pimp cars going around and Audi Quattro is definitely one of these. The reason for this is, that this car has a great set of base attributes and has a strong and durable engine enough to tune it up for its performance to really show. Audis best tuning models include the TT coupe, The Typ85 and TypC4.

As ECU is a system which is getting more and more intelligent, it does its best to reply to manual tuning methods as best as it can, but without an ECU software the changes won’t be as visible as with hacking and starting tuning it as a brand new car. When you do some of the upper mentioned tuning to your card, then it’s vital for you to get your ECU’s tuning on point as soon as possible, as the new tuning will literally burn out your car.

Using IT to optimise your car’s performance is something that can make lighter to drastic changes not just for speed but also for consumption, all-round working and for a more pleasant driving experience.