All about ECU Remapping

All about ECU Remapping

In this article I’d like to say a few words about the effect of fine Audi car tuning or remapping a car’s abilities using none-else but computer software and programming skills to make your car become better in its current features, up to the point it feels that it’s an entirely new one. So, let’s get started.

What is mapping:

When you watch science fiction movies you will see that every single spaceships’ every single functionality is to have a full deck computer that’s responsible for all the minor or larger steps, in order for it to protect its travellers. Now, the situation is exactly the same today, with the ECU or Engine Control Unit - computerized systems being responsible to control nearly every functionality in a car or in a different vehicle. All these computers work following a set of instructions set up by the brand’s factory.

This set of instructions are what’s called “mapping”. ECU maps are brand specific and type specific, sometimes can also have their individual specialties as well.

When today someone wants to increase speed, decrease consumption and do other sort of changes which do well for a car, the first person they look up is not someone who works with physical tuning devices, or at least not solely. But who they need today, is an electronic tuner, who is using highly developed ECU or ECU related package of software to reach, modify, to tune the car’s present features.

It is also worth noting that while we may think it is up to us how we drive, use our car’s positive features to their maximum, but there is no maximum we can reach with the factory ECU as that’s normally set on an average. This average is good for multiple reasons:

What to consider before getting into remapping?