Top Ten Car Tuning Questions Answered

Top Ten Car Tuning Questions Answered

Audi car Tuning is something that has always been considered cool and now, that you can also use computer software to tune or hack a car’s computer ECU mapping is becoming a real trend and not just among the racing fanatics: but everyday people also would like their vehicles run smoother, all the while the consume less. Let’s see the top ten questions asked and answered on tuning, mapping and the basics what you need to know.

1.) The question of safety

All we can see in the movies is the dangerous car races so, consciously or subconsciously when it comes to tuning, we will associate that picture with the process. However, it’s not so in the everyday life, there are some factors to keep in mind, for instance to know about your car: It will be way easier for you to adjust to the changes after tuning. This way you can also predict more on what needs to be tuned or modified.

2.) How come manufacturers don’t tune everything to best performance?

There are tons of factors behind this, business to marketing factors. One thing is for sure: most brands’ cars are way too widely sold for them to be customized on a factory level. An interesting fact is, that the cars’ computer systems are surprisingly easy to hack for 2016. ECU Software codes are not even encrypted therefore hackers and tuners can easily find them on the internet.

3.) What about warranties?

It really depends on what software is being used and also on what the specific tuner or mapper tells you after doing the job. Nothing is too much guaranteed in terms of warranty.

4.) What is remapping?

Mapping is basically the list of all the functionalities the ECU system, the computerized car control system is doing. Experienced tuners need this as a start-up when they start their fine-tuning activity.

5.) Is there a trial period?

Some legal ECU software companies offer a trial period but as mapping is reversible it is possible to do.

6.) Car insurance policies

You must clarify with your car insurer on what policies they apply for any changes in the car’s mechanism or form. Sometimes the price changes can be drastic, so many who use remapping would simply keep this a secret.

7.) On reversibility

All tuning companies today promise you to reverse the factory settings as and when you require.

8.) What about the manufacturers’ warranty?

The good think in computer tuning is that no one can see it or ever notice it. So, while this is not something you should make all official, normally it doesn’t affect the manufacturers’ warranty this way.

9.) Effects of tuning

From speed to consumption there are hundreds of possibilities in tuning. That’s why it’s becoming mainstream.

10.) What is an add-on tuning box?

Otherwise known as a piggyback, this is the cheapest way of computerized tuning. The box is mainly meant for diesel vehicles and it more or less focuses on the power and performance factors which may leave other areas unattended.