All you need to know about today’s Audi tuning

All you need to know about today’s Audi tuning

In this article we would like to enlist today’s most widely used IT computerised tuning methods for Audi car tuning. The highly personalised mapping, remapping and tuning can really turn your car into becoming YOUR car with all the features you like and having all consumption highly optimised. Let’s see what the options are for you.

ECU Remapping

The Engine Control Unit is the brain in today’s cars: making sure everything works as expected, controlling and checking the functionalities all the time. While factory provided ECU systems are generally set to work on around a 70-80% of the total capability in order to stay on the safe side, customised tuning can turn this all around for you. ECU remapping is great if you want to optimise your fuel consumption, modify speed limit and make the car go smoother without the need for excessive gear changes and so much more. Remapping has several ways and subtypes but most importantly it only needs a software, never a hardware.

Chip tuning

Chip tuning basically equals today’s ECU remapping but for older cars. As the ECU system is only a general solution in today’s cars, chip tuning is generally used for all cars manufactured before 2000. Chip tuning is a tried and tested method and it’s the first appearance of using IT to optimise performance.

EGR Removal

EGR valves have a key role when it comes to fuel combustion and consumption. When they get clogged because of carbon deposits they may affect consumption negatively and also these valves are not a necessity in today’s cars. The removal of the EGR system is a very positive step for a car and it generally happens with the stopping of the exhaust’s input and reprogramming of the ECU to maintain the fuel’s economy even in lowered temperatures.

DFF Removal

Diesel Particular Filter in cars serves to decrease air pollution by providing a solid filter to the exhaust fumes. However this filter needs a constant servicing and changing otherwise it can badly affect the car’s overall abilities. The changing procedure is often and costly, however the removal has lots of advantages:

Speed Limiter removal

Your car’s factory settings will enable you to use about 80% of its full potential. If the limiter is removed, then you will be able to use your Audi Quattro to its full potential. This is great if you are a skilled and avid driver of it you deal with professional or amateur racing of any sort.

Bearing risks:

Apart from all the benefits today computerized tuning can provide, there are several factors you need to keep in mind before you decided on having your car tuned, meaning especially the insurance of your car and keeping data private when you sell an iphone 8 that you owned with sensitive data Consult with your insurer and some tuning specialists to be aware of all the benefits and risks in the same time.