What is Remapping?

What is Remapping?

As many already may know ECU or Engine Control Unit is the computer in your car which is responsible for controlling almost all of the functionalities, from the door lock to the emission, it includes dozens of functions, some of which you don’t even know about. The new wave of Audi TypC4 car tuning is targeting to pimp a car through this computer system. This is also called as remapping and this is what I will tell you a few words about this time.

The ECU is always set to a default state which each company achieved to see after countless experimenting as to determine what the best for the majority of people is. This is a very laborious and long process to first do, but then later on it becomes a standard and all cars of the specific type will come with the same default settings. ECU is responsible for tons of things and therefore it means a huge risk to both the driver and the vehicle to mess it all up: that’s why most brands would apply a specific coding to their vehicle’s ECU, just like a firewall or a better virus protecting program, so that users cannot just modify the engine’s power settings.

Therefore the tuning we are talking about in most cases is not really tuning. It’s rather hacking.

Let’s get to see what the ECU hackers’ software would do for your car: * Make the car much more economical in terms of fuel consumption – this is also driving speed related

Of course, if you would like to try out ECU tuning, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must have the speed worked up. But naturally, that’s what most people go for.

Who are the ones who are most likely to have the ECU modified? Generally the typical types of people who want to have the ECU modified to the better include those who love cars, speed and driving and those whose profession includes driving or racing.

Tuning as you can see is good for tons of things. There are several levels of tuning available from the cheaper Piggybacking to the expensive Standalone tuning. The common in these, is that they are both done with a computer and they can help your car a big deal.