What is Ecu Tuning?

What is Ecu Tuning?

When we think about Audi car tuning, then it’s generally something flashy that comes to our mind: pimped up car lights, under lights, wheel lights or some weird stuff we got to see on the Fast and Furious series. What I can say from my own experience, the least what people in general think of when it comes to tuning is that it can be done simply with a laptop armed with a good software. That’s when we learn the first keyword in this article: ECU meaning Engine Control Unit. The rest of this piece will go on about ECU software related information, containing the positives and the capabilities of today’s best ECU software and the literal magic it can do to a car.

Programming a car with a computer?

Do you have an Audi Quattro or any other car which you would like to test out, to push its limits a bit more? Or do you simply feel that your car doesn’t run as fast and fluid as it should but it consumes more fuel than logical? Today’s new generation uses IT programming skills to help these problems get diminished in cars: and what’s funny is that the only thing they need is a laptop or desktop

How does ECU Tuning exactly work?

The world is tending to end up doing everything with the help of computers. This cannot be more true to cars where close to all the tools are controlled by its own computer and generally, the better the car, the more overall control this computer has on it. This may sound scary, but it also has tons of built in security features which diminish the risk of such accidents which are results to human errors or lack of attention. ECU Control Unit is the name of this computer each car has today. Each ECU is set up according to company standards: containing features such as Typ 85 wiring x2 which are brand specific and type specific but most often than not: the more expensive the car, the higher the number of computer controlled features will be. Since ECU has become sort of mainstream ( remember, this whole system has started with the automatic window control and auto-lock on features, today it controls the whole driving in like a hundred of different ways.

Seeing what ECU is capable of normally, naturally resulted in the number of hackers too, who specialized themselves on working out ECO control software for multiple reasons, two of which include: remapping and stealing. This time around we will concentrate on the remapping. Remapping basically is a synonym for tuning or hacking in this context. The words are used interchangeably. That the word in itself means is a re-programming or co-programming an ECU in order to either work with, or to work independently as the deck-computer of the car. There is a growing number of specialists out there using IT to optimise cars performance. I hope you found this article good and contextually related to using IT to optimise your cars performance.