Ways and types of Audi car tuning

Ways and types of Audi car tuning

Now, computerized tuning is not easy to find. Partly, because this activity is partly illegal. Lots of brands do not like and do not want unwanted parties to mess with their quality set up ECU systems. If an accident is to happen it is always the brand that takes the untold responsibility, not the tuner. Therefore they are applying special coding security in order to not let tuners do any modifications with their cars. To hack these, you need specific IT Tuners, who are also known as hackers. They have to break in the ECU system and work with the tuning that way.

On the other hand, there is a growing number of ECU Tuning software, from the basic ones to the more sophisticated systems ( depending on the exact measure of customization) which can be acquired and downloaded online and there are also specific schools which help those with or without programming background to learn more on IT ECU chip tuning. So, while for some brands it is illegal to

The exact measure of the tuning can be different too.

Today two main IT related Audi Quattro car tuning ways are the ECU remapping and the chip tuning.

What is the difference between these two? Well, the difference is in the making and in the approach. While today’s cars are all equipped, controlled and navigated by the ECU system deck computer, the cars made before 2000 do not have this feature. Those cars need a whole different approach to be tuned.

As for their functionalities chip tuning and ECU remapping can do the same things which include the following:

Optimization of the following features:

What is flashing?

Every ECU has its own map and this map frequently gets updates by the brand’s supplies once every other month. The professional updating process is also called „flashing”’ and it consists of the removal of the previous program then uploading the new, updated software on the ECU’s system.

Other advantages of remapping:

There are different measures of tuning: while one removes the factory software completely other methods find a way to go around them and work in parallel with the factory ECU. It all depends how much money no-one wants to pay.

I hope I could make this understandable for you to understand the main positives stemming from a good IT supported car tuning. As you see, quality tuning can do tons of good things to your car, so consider this option if you want to bring the very best out of your car’s capabilities.